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What Is Community Living?

Community Living Services assist people with disabilities create and live in their own homes in their chosen community. Our clients are assisted by Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in learning new skills as well as becoming more independent and assuming the maximum amount of responsibility and control in all areas of their lives. DSPs are with the clients of CCL when they are needed, as determined by their team. This can be from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day. We continually strive to assist our clients in achieving their maximum potential in all areas of functioning. This can include providing help with personal care, housekeeping, money management, safety, nutrition, cooking, etc.


What We Provide

Daily Living & Self-Care Skills

This service focuses on enhancing clients’ ability to manage everyday tasks independently. From grooming and dressing to managing personal hygiene, our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide tailored guidance and support, empowering clients to confidently handle daily living activities.

Medication & Healthcare Management

Ensuring our clients’ health and wellness, this service includes assistance with medication management, scheduling healthcare appointments, and understanding medical instructions. Our trained DSPs help clients navigate their healthcare needs efficiently and safely.

Menu Planning & Cooking

This service is designed to foster nutritional awareness and culinary skills. Clients learn to plan balanced menus, shop for ingredients, and cook healthy meals, with the support of our DSPs who guide them through the process to promote independence and healthy eating habits.

Shopping & Self-Advocacy

Focused on building independence, this service helps clients develop shopping skills and self-advocacy. Clients are supported in making informed purchasing decisions, understanding consumer rights, and effectively communicating their needs and preferences in various settings.

Health & Medical Support

Addressing both physical and mental well-being, this service offers support in managing health routines, identifying stressors, and developing coping strategies. Our DSPs assist clients in creating healthy habits, accessing mental health resources, and maintaining overall wellness.

Money Management

Our money management service assists clients in understanding and managing their finances. From budgeting and bill payments to banking and saving, our DSPs provide the necessary tools and support for clients to take charge of their financial health and independence.

Employment & Transportation

This service aids clients in gaining and maintaining employment, and navigating transportation options. We assist with job searches, application processes, interview preparation, and provide support for understanding and using various transportation services for work and other activities.

Personal Achievements

Celebrating individuality and personal growth, this service is dedicated to helping clients set and achieve personal goals. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill, or achieving a long-term objective, our DSPs provide encouragement and support every step of the way.


A Day In The Life

At Creative Concepts for Living, every day is a beautiful, personalized journey for our clients. Whether they’re joyfully heading to work, enthusiastically engaging in part-time jobs, diligently pursuing their educational dreams, or receiving our loving, hands-on support, our team is committed to nurturing each individual with care and respect. From the first rays of morning light to the gentle close of the evening, we craft each moment with kindness and understanding, celebrating the unique path of every client as they grow, thrive, and achieve their personal best in a warm, supportive community.

OUR Clients

First-Hand Experiences

We were deeply concerned about our 9-year-old son’s safety and well-being, especially around his siblings. Discovering Creative Concepts for Living was life-changing. Their compassionate and skilled care has transformed our son. He’s now thriving in a supportive community, growing up safely and happily among peers. We’re profoundly grateful for the nurturing environment Creative Concepts has provided, allowing our son to flourish in ways we once thought impossible.

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CCL charges no fees for services; all clients are funded through the Missouri Department of Mental Health Medicaid Waiver program. Clients are responsible for their own room and board expenses, which are often covered by social security benefits. In the event that someone does not qualify to receive funding through the DMH Medicaid waiver program, private pay fees can be discussed with Executive Director.

The wait time to begin to receive services varies, depending on individual situations.