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DSP of the Year

Deadline is on March 11th, 2024 at 8:00pm

It is time for you to nominate your DSP of the YEAR!

Each year, the Gateway Coalition of Service Providers recognizes the outstanding achievements of each agency’s DSPs. Each Coalition member agency (like CCL) determines whom their DSP Award recipient is and submits ONE award recipient for recognition at the annual DSP Awards Banquet on April 16, 2024.

We are currently taking nominations for that ONE DSP – details below.
We will also be taking the winners from the Years, EMPLOYEE of the Months, who meet the criteria listed below, adding to any new nominations and sending out for a vote on Tuesday 3/13/24.

The criteria to nominate a DSP of the year:

  1. They are people who provide direct support to individuals with developmental disabilities and are dedicated to providing opportunities for the people they serve to become active, valued members of their communities.
  2. They are individuals who demonstrate consistent dedication and who are frequently going above and beyond their typical day-to-day responsibilities.
  3. They spend 85-100% of their time providing direct support, with no supervisory responsibilities.
  4. They demonstrate consistent, outstanding achievement and sincere dedication.

Include as many areas below as your nominee demonstrates experience in:

  • Advocacy: Encourages activities to affect positive change on behalf of individuals with disabilities.
  • Creativity: Uses original ideas to provide individualized supports and services while respecting individual preference and encouraging self-determination and choice.
  • Exceptional Service Delivery: Respects dignity, independence, culture, and rights of individuals with disabilities. Develops positive relationships with the people they support.
  • Dedication to Best Practices: Seeks out opportunities to learn new skills and/or implements best practices. Values community inclusion.
  • Mentor: Serves as role model for other staff.

Nominate Here:

Or email Denise directly at


(please nominate as many individuals as you see fit)

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CCL charges no fees for services; all clients are funded through the Missouri Department of Mental Health Medicaid Waiver program. Clients are responsible for their own room and board expenses, which are often covered by social security benefits. In the event that someone does not qualify to receive funding through the DMH Medicaid waiver program, private pay fees can be discussed with Executive Director.

The wait time to begin to receive services varies, depending on individual situations.