About CARF

What Is CARF?

CARF International, short for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is a non-profit organization that offers accreditation in the field of human services. Its primary focus is on ensuring that services in areas like rehabilitation, behavioral health, and aging services meet rigorous, internationally recognized standards. By providing accreditation, CARF helps service providers improve the quality of their services, enhancing client satisfaction and outcomes. The accreditation process involves an in-depth review of the provider’s services and programs to ensure they meet high standards of care and are committed to continuous improvement. This makes CARF-accredited organizations a trusted choice for individuals seeking quality rehabilitation and human services.

CARF International accreditation is crucial for Creative Concepts for Living as it signifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standard of care and service in the rehabilitation and human services field. By aligning with CARF’s rigorous standards, we demonstrate our dedication to continuous improvement and client satisfaction. This accreditation not only enhances our credibility but also assures our clients and their families that they are receiving top-quality services. Holding CARF accreditation reflects our promise to deliver excellence in all aspects of our work, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted and exemplary provider in our community.

Most Recent CARF Review

Areas of Strength

CARF found that Creative Concepts for Living, Inc. demonstrated the following strengths:

  • All persons interviewed expressed a high level of satisfaction with the services provided by CCL. The staff members value the open door policy and report feeling like family person served expressed satisfaction with their living environments, their housemates and the staff members who support them.
  • The supported living homes look similar to other homes in the neighborhoods. The homes are well-maintained and personalized, and the persons bedrooms reflect their unique personalities.
  • CCL is commended for initiating annual Community Days to build positive relationships with first responders, community members and neighbors, volunteer activities and other outreach activities. Promote voluntarism and community involvement.
  • The supported living homes have embraced a culture of good nutrition. Fun with Food is an annual training presented to staff members. This training is provided by a nutritionist staff members talked proudly about significant weight loss for the person served and themselves exercises a regular activity for many staff members and person served.
  • The use of adaptive equipment is evident person served, utilize Hoyer lifts, shower chairs, plate guards, and other adaptive dev devices, CCL utilizes community providers when necessary to access and recommend adaptive equipment in home modifications.
  • Each interviewee from the department of mental health, spoke highly of CCL, and stated that the staff members are very focused on the person served.
  • The funding source stated that CCL goes above and beyond to support difficult persons served when no one else will.
  • The staff members years of service demonstrate a commitment to CCL, and the persons served.
  • The organization’s overall atmosphere demonstrates a person-centered philosophy and reflects its mission and values.
  • All policies and procedures are organized extremely well.
  • The onboarding and ongoing training of staff, reflect the importance of providing well equipped staff members to support the persons served.
  • Human resources staff members have excellent processes to ensure that all staff members documentation is current and meets timelines.
  • CCL strives for its Board of Directors to have a personal connection to the persons served through sharing of information.
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Hazelwood, MO 63042

T: (314) 731-0075
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CCL charges no fees for services; all clients are funded through the Missouri Department of Mental Health Medicaid Waiver program. Clients are responsible for their own room and board expenses, which are often covered by social security benefits. In the event that someone does not qualify to receive funding through the DMH Medicaid waiver program, private pay fees can be discussed with Executive Director.

The wait time to begin to receive services varies, depending on individual situations.